Dear Monorails and Mickey Tales: My in-laws and my family are splitting our hotel stays between Port Orleans Riverside and the Polynesian. We have a TON of bags and want to get up early the day we switch resorts so we can be at Magic Kingdom when it opens. We need to leave Port Orleans around 7am to do that. I'd rather not get up even EARLIER to lug our 8 suitcases to Bell Services. Can I just bring our bags to Bell Services the night before to be moved in the morning? Or could I take an Uber to the Polynesian with the bags the night before and leave them for us to pick up at Bell Services next day? If I can't do either, how long will it take to drop them off in the morning? Thanks!

If time is your main concern, your best bet is to call Bell Services the night before you want to switch resorts, and tell them to pick up and send your bags to the Polynesian in the morning. I'd tip $2 per bag. You'll be able to access them after the official check-in time at the Polynesian. If you want to save the gratuities, 20 minutes should be more than enough for you to bring the bags to Bell Services yourself depending on your room location. They'll transfer them for you. When you check into Port Orleans Riverside ask for a room close to the lobby so you don't have to walk too far.


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