Dear Monorails and Mickey Tales: How does the Magic Kingdom railroad work? I was thinking that might be something our girls, 5 and 3, would enjoy while my parents take a break, but is it mostly not exciting and only a little interesting when you're right in each of the lands? Or is there one railroad track PER land?

YES I totally recommend the train for getting your girls to relax around nap time. There's just one railroad and it circles the whole perimeter of the Magic Kingdom (so yes, you do just see trees between each scenic "land", but the Magic Kingdom can be overstimulating, so trees can be a nice break). It stops in two places: Frontierland and Fantasyland, and it has a voiceover tour guide. If the girls are sleepy enough they could nap on it, and you could just do loops without getting off (maybe bring headphones so you don't have to listen to the voiceover on loops). Nice breeze too, if it's hot out. While you're doing that, your parents could do the more "adult" attractions that involve sitting inside with air conditioning, like Carousel of Progress or Hall of Presidents.

A similar breezy ride is the Tomorrowland Transit Authority, which takes you all over Tomorrowland and under Space Mountain, is great for resting your feet, and is right next to Astro Orbiter (the kiddie rockets).


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