Dear Monorails & Mickey Tales: Can I bring a cooler into the park to save on food? Will they let me tote it around or do I have to store it?

Yes, you can bring a cooler inside, but you won't be able to bring anything larger than a small cooler on rides. According to the Disney FAQ, they won't let you into the parks with a cooler "larger than 24" (61 cm) long x 15" (38 cm) wide x 18" (46 cm) high" because it would have to fit in a locker. If you go the locker route, freeze some water bottles to keep your food cool while you explore the park, and grab a spot to wait for the parade or fireworks while you picnic! Then you can spend money on fun snacks like Mickey bars and Dole Whips.


monorails & mickey tales Fairygirlhead

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