Dear Monorails & Mickey Tales: We're going to Disney next year and I'm already obsessing about how to save money. Mostly I want to save on food. I heard you can get grocery delivery like Instacart. How's that work?

If you're staying at Disney without a car and want to save on food, grocery delivery is a solid option. My fave is Garden Grocer. They'll deliver your groceries to Bell Services at your Disney resort, which will refrigerate the perishable stuff. Their prices are about 10-15% higher than in-store prices at Trader Joe's, but especially for longer trips you'll still save money versus buying all those foods at the parks. And if you order 60+ days in advance, you'll save 10%. The minimum charge is $40, and delivery costs $14 on any orders up to $199--or $2 on orders that cost more than $200.


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